This isn’t just any ordinary card deck! it will get the gears turning in that amazing brain of yours to come up with the most brilliant and zany ideas. just use the prompt cards with the action spinner below and you’ll be drawing ‘breakdancing vampires’ or acting out ‘Goldilocks and the three babies in sunglasses’ in no time!”

Educators and parents: Download the free activity guide here.

Step 1: Choose your cards and spin the wheel

Choose one purple card and one green card to start the round. Then, just give the action spinner a whirl to find out what to do next!

Step 2: Ready, Set, Action!

Now, get ready to perform your zany prompt! When the spinner says

DRAW: Sketch the phrase without using any words or numbers
ACT: Take a video of yourself acting out the prompt
STORY: Write a story or a sentence about the prompt and read it out loud
NEW: Draw a new green card and spin the wheel again
WILD: Choose your own activity – Draw, act, or tell a story!

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